A new and effective treatment for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH)

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Effective Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

Rezūm water vapor therapy is a minimally invasive BPH treatment option that delivers targeted, controlled doses of the stored thermal energy in water vapor to the region of the prostate gland with the obstructive tissue. 

It is a safe and gentle treatment that provides great results. The procedure itself is quick and only takes about 6 minutes; with preliminary investigation and consultation the visit in clinic is for only 2-3 hours. The procedure is performed in Sweden by Swedish doctors with extensive experience of the Rezūm treatment.  

Förbättrad diagnostik med AMRA® Profiler

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AMRA® Profiler är ett verktyg som ger stöd vid diagnos och övervakning av metabola och muskel-relaterade sjukdomar. AMRA omvandlar 3D MR bilder från en snabb helkropps-scan till kvantitativa fett- och muskelvärden. 

AMRA® Profiler avger ingen joniserande strålning, och ger exceptionell mätnoggranhet och precision vid mätning av individens fett och muskler, samt fett-fördelning och metabol status. Med detta verktyg kan vi se högt visceralfett och dålig fett-fördelning och däri upptäcka ökad risk för typ II Diabetes och hjärt- kärlsjukdomar. 

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Why choose the Rezum method?


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Many men who are suffering from an enlarged prostate do not seek help until their issues start limiting them severely. Whatever the reason, Rezum can put your worries to rest. 

The cutting edge method allows us to quickly and safely treat your urinary symptoms without compromising on your quality of life. Book your treatment today, and get back to your normal lifestyle before you know it. 

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Who is a Candidate for Rezum? 

Rezum is a great treatment option for many men who suffer from an enlarged prostate. You could be a candidate if you experience on or more of the following symptoms*:

What is the Rezum method?

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The Rezum treatment offers many benefits, such as: 

- It can fit into a busy schedule; is a simple in-office/out-patient therapy.

- Does not require general anaesthesia - safer choice for those heart and vessel diseases, after stroke etc.

- Greatly improves BPH symtoms (within 2 weeks)

- Significantly less complications and side effects 

- Preserves erectile and urinary functions 

- Rapid recovery - return to regular activities within a few days

- A safe alternative to BPH medications

- Ability to treat the median lobe/central zone

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) is a common condition that with increasing age, affects the majority of men. Although the enlarged prostate is in itself not harmful, it can lead to various urination related issues, which can have a big impact on the patient's everyday life. 

- the need to urinate frequently,

- waking at night to urinate,

- sudden need to urinate (that cannot be avoided),

- involuntary urination, including involuntary urination at night, 

- delay between trying to urinate and flow actually beginning,

- weak or intermittent flow (not continuous),

- straining to urinate and to empty bladder completely,

- sensation of incomplete emptying of bladder,

*These symptoms may be accompanied by bladder pain or pain while urinating, called dysuria.

Stages of prostate treatment with Rezum water therapy
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*of patients would recommend Rezūm to a friend. Based on 255 patients asked. Source: Rezūm, Boston Scientific Corporation.